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Wooster Campus Research Library

CFAES Wooster Campus

Intro to Scholarly Publishing 3/26/2021

The world of scholarly publishing can be a confusing place. Come learn the basics and bring your questions!

They Say, I Say 3/18/2021

Learn "the moves that matter in academic writing" with the They Say, I Say method -- as applied to scientific writing.

Beyond Google Scholar 3/11/2021

Take your research to the next level by getting the most out of your library databases.  Because sometimes 50 focused and fabulous articles is better than 50,000!


Library Lit Review Session 3/4/2021 Pt. 1

In this portion of the presentation, Gwen covers the following topics:

What is a literature review: 00:20​

Types of lit reviews: 06:04​

Approaches to traditional reviews: 07:35​

The Lit Review Process 09:05​

Finding Articles: 10:08​

Reading Articles 12:15​

Notes & Organizing 13:50

Library Lit Review Session 3/4/2021 Pt. 2

In this portion of the presentation, Laura covers the following topics:

Creating a focus statement 00:55

Getting familiar with the format 05:28

Organizing your sources & identifying themes 10:08

Starting writing 18:24

Using the tools available 23:02

Below are quick guides created for better library access.

Learn how to more effectively navigate library resources--even when working from home. Instructions are provided below in short video and text. As always, contact your friendly library staff with any questions! 

Gwen or Laura 

Research from Home

Library Quick Start

Not sure where to begin? Start here. 

This tutorial is meant to give you a very quick overview of OSU library resources (and where to find them). In this video, you'll find where to search for an article, a library book or eBook, databases, and journals – all in around two minutes.



Start at the OSU Libraries' homepage

Need a specific article? Click on the "WorldCat@OSU" tab and enter the title in quotation marks.

Need books or eBooks? Click on the "Books and More" tab then enter your keywords. You can limit your results to eBooks.

Where to find databases? Click on the "Research Databases List."

Want to search a specific journal? Click on the "Online Journals List."

Still can’t find what you need? If OSU doesn’t own it, request it via ILLiad: InterLibrary Loan/Article Express

2. Find ebooks

Need to access OSU Libraries' ebooks?

These video and text guides will help get you started searching the OSU Libraries Catalog and browsing and OSU Libraries eBook Collections.



1. Search the Ohio State University Libraries Catalog. The first place to look for eBooks is the library catalog (Books and More). Here you can search by author, title, or by keyword then limit your results to "eBooks."

2. Browse OSU Libraries' eBook CollectionsIf you want to search or browse for an eBook by specfic eBook collection (like CAB ebooks or Hathi Trust Digital Library), you can try this approach. It may give you a more focused search.


Method 1: Search the Ohio State University Libraries Catalog

1. Go to 

2. Under the Books and More tab, enter search terms.

3. Limit your search results to E-books using the drop down menu. 

Method 2: Browse OSU Libraries' eBook Collections

1. Go to

2. Under "Recommended Links" select Research Databases List

3. Using the "Databases arranged by subject" search option, select eBook Collections

4. Browse the list of eBook Collections -- recommended selections for CFAES researchers include CAB eBooks, OhioLINK's Electronic Book Center, Sage Research Metholds Online, and Springer Nature Experiments.


3. Find Databases

Getting to subscription databases is easy! This video (and text instructions below) demonstrates how to navigate to the OSU Libraries' Research Database List to either search for a particular database or to browse by subject area.



1. Go to and make sure you're signed in from off campus

2. Under RECOMMENDED LINKS select Research Databases List 

3. Search by title. Enter title in the "Find a database" search box (e.g. Scopus) or browse databases alphabetically by title

4. Browse alphabetically by title. 

4. Browse by subject. Select from the "Databases arranged by subject" list. Hint for CFAES researchers: check out the “Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, and Horticulture” subject category.

4. Find Journals

Looking for access to a specific journal? 

The Online Journals List is the best place to start looking for electronic journal access if you are looking for access to a particular journal. However, there are other options available if you need print, or if OSU doesn't have electronic access to the journal you want.



1. Check the Online Journals List first
For journals available online to OSU patrons, this list will provides the titles, dates of coverage and links to the journal. You can access this from the OSU Libraries' homepage or click the link above. 

2. Check the catalog AKA Books and More
No luck searching the Online Journals List? Or want access to print instead? Search the OSU Library Catalog for the journal to find both print and electronic access. 

3. Request via ILLiad/Article Express   Still can't find it? Use your ILLiad account to request articles for which OSU does not have e-access. If an article you need is across campus (in print) or across the country, we'll find it and get an e-copy to you -- free!

ILLiad Tip Auto fill your ILLiad request by using the "request this article from ILLiad" link in the Find it @ OSU page.  


5. Find OSU Dissertations

Need to find an OSU thesis or dissertation?

The text & video tutorials below can show you how to access OSU theses & dissertations through the OSU Library Catalog and the OhioLINK Electronic Theses & Dissertation Center (ETD).

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES not discussed in-depth include ProQuest Dissertations & Theses, which contain theses & dissertations from across the US, Canada, and other foreign universities. Still can't find the thesis you want? Request a thesis or dissertation using OSU's ILLiad service or contact your local librarians. 



1. Search the Ohio State University Libraries Catalog. Theses & dissertations in both print and digital form. It is the most comprehensive source for OSU theses & dissertations.​ 

2. Search or Browse the OhioLINK ETD. Digital theses & dissertations from Ohio Universities (since 2000). One notable feature is that you can browse theses and dissertations by university and department.

Option 1. Search the Ohio State University Libraries Catalog

1. Go to 

2. Under the Books and More tab, enter search terms. Searching by author or title will get you the most precise search results, but you can also search by keyword


 3. Search results can include both print & electronic versions. Click here for example. 

  • For print: Click into the record to request print copies for pickup at your local library (service currently not available due to COVID 19)
  • For electronic access: Click into record, and follow link to e-thesis

Note: Not all theses & dissertations will have both print & electronic copies available. For example, some older master's theses have not been digitized (yet). 

Too many search results?  Limit to ONLY theses & dissertations

At the top of your search results page, click on the "Limit/Sort" button.

On the following page under "Material Type," choose "OSU E-Thesis" and/or OSU Thesis (Print). Click the submit button on the bottom of the page to update results. Limited search is shown below.


Option 2. Search or Browse the OhioLINK ETD 

1. Go to

2. Under "Recommended Links" select Research Databases List

3. Type "OhioLINK" into the search field (Find a Database), and then from the search results click OhioLINK Electronic Theses & Dissertation Center

4. You can search the ETD by keyword, author, or title. However, you can also browse by institution & department (see below).



Trouble finding the PDF in the ETD? Within the thesis/dissertation's record, click the "View Available File(s) button at the top of the page, or scroll down to the bottom of the page. Select View or Download.
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6. Find an Article

Searching for a specific journal article? 

Learn how to search the OSU library system using citation information (like article and journal title) with these two tools: WorldCat@OSU and the Online Journals List



1. Search WorldCat@OSU by Title (try this first!WorldCat searches everything (or almost everything). It's similar to Google Scholar, except it's easier to connect to OSU digital resources. Search Tip: For best results, always put your article title in "quotation marks." instructions.

2. Find an article by searching OSU's online journalsSearch OSU's Online Journals List for the journal which published your article. Within the journal, search for the article you want using citation information (author, title, year, volume, page number, etc). 

Option 1: Search WorldCat@OSU by Title

1. Go to

2. Under the WorldCat@OSU tab, enter the "title" of your article. For best results, place quotation marks around the title.


3. Select your article from the list of results, and click 

4. If you do NOT see the "View full text: button, follow the Find It@OSU link 
5. If the article is not available, request it through Article Express/ILLiad

TROUBLESHOOTING: No search results in WorldCat@OSU?

When using quotation marks, the title (or portion of title) must be entered exactly. Try copy and pasting or reducing the amount of text in quotations.

Option 2: Find an article by searching OSU's online journals

Make sure to sign-in from off-campus (see tab1)

1. Go to

2. Under "Recommended Links" select Online Journals List

3. Enter the journal's title or ISSN in the search field


4. Follow the links. Find your journal from the results list. Choose the link to follow based on the publication date of your article. 


5. Search the journal for your article using citation information (author, title, year, volume, page number, etc).

Note: Publishers and databases will have different layouts and formats but will all typically allow you to search by title, author, keyword as well as browse a publication by date and volume.

6. No electronic access? Request the article through Article Express/ILLiad.

7. Google Scholar Tips

Simple steps that make a big difference

Connect to OSU resources by setting up your Library Links in Google Scholar, then follow the FindIt!@OSU button to full-text access through the libraries. NEVER pay for journal access! Next, set up the Google Scholar button so you can import citations directly into Google Scholar when searching the web. 

1. Connect to OSU Library Resources via Google Scholar
2. Search Faster with the Google Scholar Button

1. Connect to OSU Library Resources via Google Scholar

By setting up your Library Links you can connect to OSU journal subscriptions through Google Scholar. This step is critical when working from home if you want access to full text. 

  1. From the main Google Scholar screen click Settings.  
  2. Choose Library Links from the left hand navigation.
  3. Enter "Ohio State" in the search box
  4. Choose The Ohio State University Libraries - Find it @ OSU
  5. Save the settings (you must have cookies enabled)
  6. Follow these steps on every browser you use regularly
  7. When searching Google Scholar, look for the FindIt!@OSU link to find full tex


2. Search Faster with the Google Scholar Button Google Scholar Button

Install the Google Scholar Button on your browser to import citations into Google Scholar

  1. From the main Google Scholar screen click Settings.  
  2. Choose Button from the left hand navigation.
  3. Follow installation instructions
  4. To import a citation into Google Scholar, highlight the citation, and simply click the Google Scholar button in your browser. Easy! 

8. Find Full Text

Tips for finding full text when browsing in databases

Start at the OSU Libraries home page. Use the links provided by the libraries. To avoid paywalls and access content more easily, use the links to databases and journals provided by the library. These designate you as an OSU user who has access to this paid subscription content. 

Check that you are connected to OSU Library resources.
When you are in a database, look for the "Find it" @OSU link.  It can be a blue link  Find it @OSU  or an image   This link should connect you to full text access or offer alternative suggestions. If you don’t see the "find it" link, it is likely that you are not connected to OSU resources. 

Check that OSU has electronic access to the journal and article you need.
Search the OSU online journal list by title. Here you will find information regarding coverage/dates available electronically and links to the content.

Check the catalog
Search the OSU Libraries catalog for the journal title. The catalog shows both print and electronic access. 

Request via ILLiad/Article Express   Use your ILLiad account to request articles for which OSU does not have e-access. If an article you need is across campus (in print) or across the country, we'll find it and get an e-copy to you -- free!

ILLiad Tip Auto fill your ILLiad request by using the "request this article from ILLiad" link in the Find it @ OSU page.  


9. Intro to ILLiad

Can't get what you need through OSU Libraries? 

Get an electronic copy of that journal article. Request a book from across the country and beyond. Find out how ILLiad, made up of InterLibrary Loan and Article Express, can help expand your access to library materials and content. 



The ILLiad service is comprised of both InterLibrary Loan and Article Express.

InterLibrary Loan

What is it and what does it do? 

InterLibrary Loan can get you access to materials, like books or theses, not available through the OSU Libraries, OhioLINK or SearchOhio catalogs. This service goes beyond the normal library borrowing system to find an item for you across the country--or even the world.  

How do I use it?

Log into your ILLiad account, and fill out the request form for "Loan of Book or other format." You will be notified bia email when the item is available for pickup. For more information visit 

Article Express

What is it and what does it do? 

If the scholarly article or book chapter you need is not available electronically, this service can get it--whether it's across the campus or across the country.  

How do I use it?

Log into ILLiad and fill out the request form for either Article Express or Book Chapter. You will be contacted via email when the PDF becomes available. Log back into your ILLiad account to access the PDF. The service usually takes 1-3 days. For more information visit