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Virtual BLIC

(formerly titled: remote access library)
Stay active! videos by Alex Fronk - Stay Engaged! - Foam rolling and stretching - Group fitness on demand - total body blast - virtual fitness and wellness classes. - how to stay fit when the gym is closed
Relax - Ambient rain sounds (no registration required) - "Ambient sounds to wash away distraction" (no registration required) - 8 blooming botanical gardens to explore virtually - Kitten cam! Literally, just watching kittens play - The Smithsonian's Panda cam - GOOD  news stories! - More good news stories! - a variety of bird cams - tropical reef cam - Ambient sounds w/ animated rooms/pictures - Another channel that does the same kind of thing
Mental  and emotional  health                                                                                                           

C.O.P.E. with C.O.V.I.D. - - Coronavirus Anxiety - Breathing techniques  - Peer access line, students helping students - Mind-Body Interventions For Healthy Living - Stress and anxiety management - Student Life, We Are Here For You - five senses grounding techniques -  by the CDC with contact options  - a great guide by NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) - Dealing with difficult times. - Mental health strategies
Sleep health - Great tips, habits, insights, and discussion of optimal sleep health by Dr. Madelyn Rosenthal - Great piece of software that runs in the background and shifts the light of your devices to optimal times of the day.