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Ohio State Marion: Library: Faculty & Staff

Library website for Ohio State Marion Faculty, Staff and Students

Services for Faculty and Staff

General Information
The library and its services and resources are open to the faculty and staff of The Ohio State University and Marion Technical College.

You must be in the library system to be able to borrow and request materials. OSU records are automatically loaded each semester.  Your campus ID permits you to visit any OhioLINK member library and borrow onsite as well as requesting materials from OhioLINK libraries to be delivered to the Marion Campus Library. You must use the number on your ID card to request materials online.

Ohio State materials can be checked out for 17 weeks. OhioLINK materials can be checked out for 3 weeks unless otherwise specified. Local periodicals can be checked out for one week. A/V now circulates for one week with no renewals. There are exceptions that will be specified upon checkout.

While most classrooms are equipped with computers, digital projectors and video/DVD combo units, the library has additional a/v equipment for reservation. Please contact Deanna Bachtell or Pat Wood  for more information.

Faculty using Closed Reserves are responsible for securing any copyright permissions before items can be placed on Reserve.  Please contact Deanna Bachtell or Pat Wood  for more information.

Closed Reserves
Closed Reserve materials Include books and films that have been gathered by instructors to support class assignments. These may be required readings, supplementary materials, or anything an instructor has deemed necessary or useful for the class.

Who May Place Materials on Reserve?
OSUM faculty, staff, and teaching assistants who are teaching on the Marion Campus during the current or upcoming semester may have items placed on Closed Reserves for the Marion Campus courses taught.

What Type of Materials May be Placed on Reserve?
Books, journals, reference materials, media (including personal copies of such materials) may be placed on reserve.

Please Note: materials from OhioLINK libraries CANNOT be placed on reserve. Photocopied materials, burned DVDs and other similar materials may not be placed on reserve to prevent any possible breaches of copyright.  For films, the Secured Media Library can assist you to have films streamed for use with classes for a defined period of time.

How Are Materials Placed on Closed Reserve?
Closed Reserve request forms are available at the library circulation desk or click on the Closed Reserve Form in the form box at the bottom of the page.  You can also call extension 740-725-6254 (the circulation desk) and request that forms be put in your mailbox. Please be sure to fill out the form completely and return it to the library along with the materials you wish to be placed on reserve. Incomplete forms could delay getting materials added in a timely fashion.

Upon receipt of your materials and/or request forms, the Circulation Staff will process your requests within 48 hours. There is no limit on the number of items you can place on reserve, but we strongly encourage you to place no more than two copies of a single item on reserve.  For OSU owned materials, staff will need time to locate library items, recall items on loan, and if possible, purchase books not owned by the library. If you have any students in your class with disabilities that will make it difficult for them to access the closed reserve materials, please notify us immediately.

You will be notified when your materials have been processed and are ready to loan. You can also check online to see if your reserve items are listed. Please DO NOT announce to your class about the items before you bring them over to us.

Copyright Compliance
The library follows current copyright laws by relying on the educational Fair Use provision of the copyright law.

Faculty are responsible for securing any copyright permissions before items can be placed on Reserve. If you need help with this, please contact library staff.

How Can My Students Borrow Items?
To borrow Closed Reserve materials, Marion Campus patrons must have a current campus ID. In order for the Circulation Department staff to be able to retrieve Closed Reserve materials, patrons must know one of the following:

  • Title of the book/article
  • Author of the book/article
  • Course name and number, or
  • Instructor's name

How Long Can Items Be Borrowed From Closed Reserves?
The Closed Reserves system provides the following circulation options:

  • 2-hour loan, no overnight loan
  • 1-day loan
  • 3-day loan, or
  • 7-day loan (1 week)
  • 2- week (used only in special cases)

You may specify which one of these loan periods we should use for the materials on the request form. Items will circulate for two hours with no overnight loan unless you select one of the other options. Reserve items are not renewable unless specified by the instructor. Because of the high volume of use the materials receive, only two items may be borrowed at a time for daily use. Two items may be borrowed overnight. Regardless of loan period, overdue fines will accrue if patron does not return item(s) by due date and/or time.

Items will remain on reserve until the end of the semester unless the instructor requests that they remain for another semester. At the end of each semester, all materials that will not be used the next semester are removed. Personal copies  will be returned to you via campus mail.

Borrowed books will be returned to owning libraries. If materials are to remain on reserve for the following semester, copyright compliance is the responsibility of the instructor.

Anyone returning an item after the specified loan period will be fined as follows:

2-Hour Reserves

  • $2.00 for the first hour, and
  • $5.00 for each hour thereafter to a maximum fine of $102.00 per item

1-Day, 3-Day, 7-Day (1 week), 2-week Reserves

  • $5.00 for the first day
  • $10.00 for every day thereafter to a maximum fine of $105.00

Unpaid fines totaling at least $50.00 for Reserve, other library fines, or lost book charges will result in the suspension of the borrower's privileges, and holds will be placed on all institution records and funds. Fines will remain on a patron record until paid or resolved. If you have any questions concerning the information on this page, please contact Pat Wood  in the library.

Classroom Instruction
Library staff can also assist with your class instruction needs and personal research questions. Please contact Betsy Blankenship, Director.

The library provides a link in Carmen courses to provide your students with easy access to resources. This library link can be customized to your course needs through a guide. Please contact Betsy Blankenship, Director for more information on this service or request a guide in the box on the right.

Periodical Holdings for the Marion Campus Library
A list of all Periodicals can be found on the Collections tab of this site.

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