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Scholarly Impact and Citation Analysis

Tips and step-by-step directions on how to find citing articles, impact factors, and journal rankings.

Web of Science: Citation Report vs Cited Reference Search

There are two main ways of doing an author citation analysis in Web of Science.

Citation Report    Cited Reference Search
only reflects the articles indexed in Web of Science displays all citing articles, even if they have  not been indexed in Web of Science


What this means for you, is that you should run Cited Reference Search along with your Citation Reports, to make sure you are finding most relevant statistics. Even so, Web of Science may not include all citations to your work, especially if you are looking for books, book chapters, and other non-journal article publications.

Refer to the information below to perform these two types of searches.

Web of Science: Citation Analysis for an Author

Finding Number of Times an Author has been Cited:

1. Go to 

2. In the Search tab, click on Author Search.

WOS author search

3. Enter the lastname and first initial of the author (eg: Velleman S) and click next.

WOS author search name


4. Select the appropriate subject category for your author and hit Next.

WOS author domain

5. The next screen displays all the possible institutions that are affiliated with the name variation of the author you selected. You can select the institution that the author is currently affiliated with and/or previous places of work to refine your search results. You can also leave them all blank to select all and maximize your search results; however, this will likely include other authors with the same name. Click “Finish Now” to view the search results.

6. The Results page shows the articles that match the search criteria. The results can be sorted by date, times cited, first author and other criteria. The search results can also be refined using the links on the left side of the screen. You can also click on “FindIt” below each citation to determine if the article full-text is available.


7. Clicking on an individual article from the search results will bring up a citation report on that article. You can view all articles that cite this work or create an alert which will inform you when new citations are published. You can also view the references cited by this article and click-through to the Journal Citation Reports to determine the Journal Impact Factor for this source.


WOS article

8. You can use the link from the previous list of search results to “Create Citation Report.” The Citation Report summarizes the citation information. Graphs are provided showing “Published Items in Each Year” and “Citations in Each Year.” Average citation and other statistical data including h-index are also provided.  Citation data for each article are shown below the summary.

WOS citation report



  • The Citation Report only analyzes the correct citations to an author's articles covered by journals the Web of Science; variant-citations are not covered.
  • The h-index factor is based on the depth of the Web of Science subscription and the selected timespan. Items that do not appear on the Results page will not be factored into the calculation. Moreover, the calculation only includes items in Web of Science - books and articles in non-covered journals are not included.

Web of Science: Finding the Number of Times an Author is Cited

Use the Cited Reference Search to achieve a slightly different picture of the number of times an author has been cited.

1. Choose Cited Reference Search from the Search bar.

WOS cited reference search

2. Enter the author's name in the Cited Author search box.  Use the last name and first initial with an asterisk to find variants of the cited author's name.  You may choose to search the author's name with the complete initials (eg. Velleman SG); however, you may miss references cited with a variant of the name. To find all the author's works, do not add search words to either of the additional search boxes.  Click on Search.


WOS cited reference author

3. The search results will contain one or more pages of citations that match the author search string. The column labeled "Citing Articles" shows the number of times that article has been cited.  If there is a link in the "View Record" column, that mean's that the cited article record is contained in the Web of Science database.  If the "View Record" column is blank, the reference is either a "citation variant" by the citing article, or is not found in the WOS database due to format, journal or other factors outside the database's scope.  For a citation variant, add the number of citing articles to the correct citation.

If you want to create a results set containing all the citing articles, check all the references to include and click on "Finish Search."


WOS cited reference search