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What is Current Awareness?

Do you want to stay up-to-date with current publications or news in your field?  Current awareness alerts will help. You may receive alerts when new articles of interest are available. Most services require a free account or registration. Your results may be delivered to your email address or by RSS feed.

New Books @ OSU

Want to be notified when new books on a subject are added to the OSU collection?  

Logon to your OSU account    

Create a subject or keyword search of the catalog  

When search results appear, click on "save search to My Record" button.  

You will be notified by email when new books that match your search are added to the catalog.

Google Scholar Alert

Create a search within Google Scholar. 

Click on the link at the top of the search results to "create an email alert". 

New results (up to 20) matching your search terms will be emailed to your address.

Tables of Contents

Do you like to browse the table of contents of certain journals?  Receive the full table of contents of journals of your choice as they are published.

  • Most publishers offer alerting services as new journal issues or articles are published.  Visit the publisher's website to locate this feature.  Or use one of the services below.


  • Many subject databases will allow you to save a search to rerun later.  In some cases the search will be rerun automatically at regular intervals or anytime the database is updated and you will be notified of any new records matching your search.  Saved searches can be rerun manually anytime you want an update of your search.  Check the database for information about "alerts" or "saved searches" to determine how that database handles this feature.

Cited Articles

You are alerted when new articles citing a prior article are added.

BrowZine Available