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COTC: College Credit Plus - Instructors: Information Literacy with COTC

What is Information Literacy?

"Information literacy should be conceived as a new liberal art . . .as essential to the mental framework of the educated information-age citizen as the trivium of basic liberal arts (grammar, logic, and rhetoric) was to the educated person in medieval society."
   Shapiro & Hughes, 1996

IL Flashcards

We work with you to help identify the needs of your students and the best way to approach them.

Through the flashcards below you are able to pick one, two, or more to create the perfect one shot session for your classes needs.

Want us to appear on multiple occasions but for smaller chunks of time?

Pick the ones that the students will need and integrate them into your course throughout the semester instead of trying to overload them with it all in one Information Literacy session.

Why should I care?

" students who performed better on a commercial assessment of information literacy produced better emails, memos, and technical reports as reflected in their grade in a business communications course. "


What is Information Literacy?

Information Curriculum

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