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COTC: Physics: Course Information

Use this guide to help you in the study of general physics at COTC. This guide will help you by providing links to physics related journals, books & e-books and internet sources.

COTC Department of Biological and Physical Sciences: General Physics

Course Title: General Physics

Course Number: PHY-1721

Course Prerequisite: College Algebra 1210

Course Credit: 5 credit hours

Course Description:

Fundamental concepts of measurement, force, motion, dynamics, energy, friction temperature scales, effects of heat on matter, principles of sound, electricity, magnetism, nature of light and atomic physics. The student will apply many of these principles in the laboratory portion of the course.

Description of learning objectives for the General Physics course at COTC:

  • Perform basic skills in precision measurement in both English and SI systems.
  • Describe the principles of force, motion, work and momentum.
  • Apply vector analysis to simple vector problems.
  • Understand the principles of operation of basic machines including friction and apply these principles to the analysis of common machine applications.
  • Describe the basic properties of sound waves, sound intensity, the Doppler effect, and lasers.
  • Understand basic temperature measurement techniques and thermal expansion.
  • Describe the nature of light including the principles of reflection, refraction, transmission, absorption, and lasers.
  • Explain the use of various optical instruments with an understanding of the basic principles of lenses and cameras.
  • Discuss the elementary fundamentals of electricity, magnetism, magnetic induction and magnetic shielding.
  • Display basic knowledge of atomic and nuclear physics with ab understanding of proper safety and protection requirements.

Textbook: Hewitt, Paul G. (2006). Conceptual Physics, 10th ed. San Francisco: Pearson.

Supplies: Calculator


Conceptual Physics, 10th ed.Required text for Physics 1721:

Hewitt, Paul G. (2006) Conceptual Physics, 10th ed. San Francisco: Pearson.

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