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CFAES Wooster Campus Research Library


How do I make an appointment for a writing consultation?

Email Laura Miller at or stop by the Wooster Campus Research Library. Laura is typically available between 8am – 5pm Monday thru Friday.

How long is each appointment/consultation?

Each appointment is up to 1 hour

How many appointments can I book per week?

Typically, one. However, the consultant will make exceptions based upon schedule availability.

Will someone proofread or edit my paper during the session?

No. The consultant is not a proof-reader or editor. However, issues of grammar and syntax can be discussed during a consultation.

What happens during a writing consultation?

During the one hour (or less) appointment, the consultant will review your work with you, offer suggestions for improvement, and help you “talk out” ideas for your writing. Topics for discussion could include issues of grammar/syntax, structure, organization, or clarity of argument.The goal of the session is to make you a stronger writer.

Where do I meet with the writing consultant?

The Wooster Campus Research Library

What should I do to prepare for a writing consultation?

  1. Select the piece of writing you’d like to be reviewed. Keep in the mind the session is only an hour. For example, it’s highly unlikely your entire thesis could be reviewed.
  1. Think about what specific concerns you have for your piece of writing. Do you need help organizing your ideas? Have questions about grammar? Want to make your paper flow more smoothly? Where do you want the consultant to focus?
  1. Bring a copy of your writing – both paper and electronic copies are acceptable to work with. 
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Laura Miller
CFAES Wooster Campus Library
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