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Ohio State Newark: Mathematics 1148 - College Algebra: Recommended Sources

Recommended E-books

Recommended Videos: Inequalities

Recommended Videos: ystems of Linear Equations in Three Variables

Recommended Videos: Algebra of Functions and Composition

Recommended Videos: Division of Polynomials

Recommended Videos: Rational Functions

Recommended Videos: Polynomial and Rational Inequalities

Recommended Videos: Properties of Logarithms


Other Book Sources

The OSU Library Catalog has subject headings.  If you had found a good book on your topic, examine the subject headings for that book below the location/call number box.  You can click on these to see other items with that subject ot you can search subject directly as follows.


"History" is a subdivision of a subject that can be added after any other term. Examples: Format: branch--history. Clickable examples:

For mathematics history in a country, region, use for format mathematics--country/region--history Examples: