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COTC: Periodicals & More: Finding & Evaluating Articles Online

Use this guide to find journal articles, both full text and abstracts, as well as comprehensive databases and indexes for conducting research.

Google Scholar Search

If you would like to seek out scholarly articles online, Google Scholar should be on your list of reference sites. It weeds out general web content to focus strictly on scholarly journals to give you sources worth citing.

Google Scholar Search

About Online Search Engines

Search Engines:

The best search engine in the world is the one that you actually know how to use.  Most of them have an advanced search capacity which most people never bother to examine.  If you do, you will discover whether the engine accepts  search strings in which terms are connected with AND, OR, AND NOT, or whether it recognizes search symbols like + and -.  If you really like Google, for instance, find and print out the pages that explain how to do sophisticated searches and keep them for a quick reference.  

Click the links below to find out the best way to do effective searching.      

Using Google Scholar

When doing a Google Search, it is important to familiarize yourself with the engine’s operator strings. Try these tips: use quotes to find an exact phrase, use “site:” to search only a specific site, or “–” to exclude a term from your results.

Evaluating Web Resources

Evaluating Web Resources

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