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Pop Up Library

What is a Pop Up Library?

A Pop Up Library is a way for the Marion Campus Library to publicize and share different resources available to students, faculty, staff, and the community. 

How it works: When I come to your event with a Pop Up Library, I bring books from our collection on the topics or themes of your event. Fake books can also be created for books available in the OSU Library Catalog if we don't have a variety of books for your topic. I also bring information about library resources and services available to the campus community. The Pop Up Library is usually setup on a table or display cart in the back of the room, and I'm available before and after the event for your attendees to visit.  The Pop Up Library helps to provide a little extra tie in to your event and allows those who want to learn more the opportunity while it is fresh in their minds.

Can they checkout books?:

Students, Faculty, and Staff can place a hold on any item at the Pop Up Library and pick it up at the library within 10 business days.

Can you create a Book List?

An electronic book list can also be created for those with further interests in the topics discussed. For example: The Amish Community Book List has links to Ebooks, Books in the Marion Campus Library Catalog, and at other OSU locations, as well as, a list of resources recommended by the presenter.


What did you like about the Pop Up Library?: 

"Deanna made it very easy - all I needed to do was give her the time, date, and topic of the discussion and she did the rest. Our events tend to bring more community members than students, faculty, and staff, so it provides a chance for them to get familiar with our library and the services they offer."  ~ Norman Thomas Lecture Event Planner

"It shows students that there are other resources on our campus that supports LGBTQ issues." ~ Attended "Inviting LGBTQ Students In"

"Excellent visuals and relevance of the materials for the subject of the talk." ~ Annual Norman Thomas Lecture Event Planner

"The variety of books, the set up thereof and Deanna's willingness to engage with interested folks." ~ Attended "The Local Amish Community" Talk

"Able to view some resources that I have not yet seen." "The Local Amish Community" Talk Presenter

Would you recommend a Pop Up Library to someone planning an event on campus? Why?:

"Absolutely! The Pop Up Library is a great addition to campus events and Deanna was so easy to work with. It adds an extra depth to presentations and gives attendees an opportunity to get themselves more engaged with the topic at hand. For those who arrive early or like to stay afterward, the resources provide something for them to do while they wait. The set up was perfect and did not distract from the program in any way, just enhanced the experience for our attendees." ~ Annual Norman Thomas Lecture Event Planner

 "Yes. I think it is a great way to add additional references that we don't get to cover during the event." ~ Attended "Inviting LGBTQ Students In"

"Absolutely - a good way to connect the library and its resources with campus events, building greater linkages."  ~ Annual Norman Thomas Lecture Event Planner

Absolutely! It promotes our library and encourages people to look up information on their own if they have the interest. ~ Attended "The Local Amish Community" Talk

"Yes. It adds additional supports and perspectives to the topic(s) on discussion." "The Local Amish Community" Talk Presenter

Other Comments (Optional):

Pop up libraries are a great addition to the library services :-) Attended "The Local Amish Community" Talk

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