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Berlin - Small: Welcome

In General/ Im Allgemeinen

America and Germnany favor each other in various ways. They both have an amazing history that has had plenty ups and downs and lived through it. Both countries are desired places to go. When it comes to education, which country ranks higher? Are standarized tests as weighted in Germany as they are in the United States? What about the history of Germany? How is that communicated to the younger generation that hasn't lived through it like their grandparents and possibly their parents?

Our project will be broken up into two segments:

How does the American and Germany education systems compare? How do they differ? Are they both sufficient in the education they are providing in the school systems?

How is the Holocaust communicated in Germany today? What apporaches have been taken to learn and possibly understand more?

Back In My Day..

In America, we are taught about the Holocaust, very vaguely. We are told about Adolf Hitler and what his practices were. Our teachers never failed to continuously throw the number of people that were killed into our brains for us to never forget. Our project mainly focuses on the compare and contrasting of the way Americans and Germans students learn. Not only with the Holocaust, but in school period.