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Ohio State Newark: Faculty Resources & Services

This guide will direct you to Library resources and services provided to The Ohio State University at Newark faculty.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How can I put materials on Reserve?

Please contact Tauni Graham, at or 49501 (740-364-9501) for assistance putting any materials on Reserve.


Are there any videos that can be used for classroom purposes?

The Warner Library holds a substantial collection of DVDs all of which are available for classroom use. Search the library catalog to see what is available:

Advanced Search>>


Because DVDs are available for general circulation, we recommend ones to be used for classroom use be requested at the beginning of the semester so that we can place them on reserve for you. Recommendations for acquisition are always welcomed.

Contact John D. Crissinger (69306) for titles not found in the library catalog and he will either find a copy to borrow for your use or will purchase a copy if available anywhere.

Please contact, Tauni Graham, Warner Library Circulation Supervisor, at or 49501 (740-364-9501) for more information on faculty library services.

Further information about resources at the Newark Campus Library:

About Us


How do I request the Library purchase materials?

Requests for purchase should be submitted by contacting John D. Crissinger (69306). Be sure to include enough information (especially helpful is the title, author and ISBN) so that the item(s) requested are correctly identified.


What material formats will the library purchase?

The Library will acquire materials in virtually any format or language if needed for your classes. Although most acquisitions are text based, figurines, models, maps, digital, microform, and electronic are all considered.


How do I borrow a book or an article that OSU or OhioLINK does not own?

If no library in OhioLINK owns a copy that can be loaned, you may request a copy through Interlibrary Loan. Contact Tauni Graham (49501) for assistance.


What research support does the Library provide?

  • Interlibrary Loans
  • Citation Verification
  • Article Searching
  • Compiling Bibliographies
  • Citation Ranking

Along with these services the library also assist faculty with their research. Please contact John D. Crissinger (69306) or Katie Blocksidge (69308) for help.


Faculty Publications

The John L. & Christine Warner Library collects and maintains copies of Newark faculty publications. If you, as a faculty member, would care to donate a copy of your publication(s) to the library, the library will be very appreciative. The collection of materials is shelved in the secure Archives area on the second floor of the John L. and Christine Warner Library and Student Center. See John D. Crissinger (69306) for details.


Does the library provide library instruction or workshops?

Library instruction is an important aspect of library service and is available upon request. At least 2 week’s notice is appreciated and please have at least two dates in mind in case your first date is already booked.  Please  contact Katie Blocksidge (69308) or  John D. Crissinger (69306)  to make an appointment or for additional information.

As able, the library also sponsors workshops on a wide range of topics. These will be announced to the faculty and/or campus community as they become scheduled. Suggestions for topics are always appreciated. Contact John D. Crissinger (69306) for more information.


How do I make a print out from the library terminals?

Library terminals require a Buck ID to print, they do not accept cash. Request assistance from the library staff at the circulation desk.


Circulation of library materials for faculty:

Faculty enjoy the longest circulation periods possible. Most OSU books can be checked out for ten weeks and renewed indefinitely unless requested by another patron. There is no limit to the number of materials that can be checked out. The check out for OhioLINK books is the same as any other patron, which is three weeks and up to three more times as long as a hold has not been placed on the book.

However faculty are under the same guidelines and restrictions as any other patron when a hold or recall is placed upon a title they have checked out. The item must be returned within the designated time.



Faculty do not incur fines except for these three reasons:

Recalls and holds – if the deadline for returning a recalled title or one on hold is violated, faculty will be fined at the same rate as other patrons ($10/day).

Faculty are expected to settle all “lost & billed” obligations. 

OhioLINK materials do not belong to Ohio State. They can be borrowed as a courtesy of the lending institution. Materials are generally checked out for 3 weeks and can be renewed an additional 3 times after which they must be returned, unless another patron has a hold on that item. Late returns incur a 50-cent per day fine. Failure to return OhioLINK materials in a timely manner endangers the borrowing privileges of the entire University.


Can I get books delivered to my office?

Although you will notice there is a pickup location as "my office" this service is not currently available on the Newark Campus.