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Ohio State Newark: First Year Students

Explore all the resources the library has to offer!

Research Databases

Online Journals

If you are looking for a specific journal, you can search for it using the Online Journals List:

Creating a Search


AND - Commands a search engine to bring back both terms

OR - Commands a search engine to bring back either of the terms

NOT - Commands  a search engine to ignore all results with a certain word.

Quick tip: in Google, use a minus sign (-) instead of NOT


Quotation marks

Bring back exact search results.  "Ohio State University" means only OSU, no Ohio University too.


What to learn more? Review these sections of Choosing and Using Sources

Main Concepts

Precision Searching

Search Statements

How do I type a search?


Do choose main topic words

Do use precise words

Do use Booleans!

Do use synonyms


Don't use full sentences or sentence fragments

Don't be too vague when you are looking for something specific

Unless part of a proper name, don't include: A, The, An, etc.