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Ohio State Newark: Research & More

Using a Database

Databases provide you with access to a wide range of articles that can be used as resources for your paper. When searching in the database, keep in mind the terms listed below. They will assist you in navigating the databases and locating resources.


By selecting the full text box in a database, you are ensuring that the database will only retrieve articles that are available in their complete format. If you do not select the full text box, you will still receive results, but you may only receive the citations.
Articles that are submitted to a scholarly journal must first be evaluated by an editorial team for the journal. This team reviews the article in order to verify that the research is authentic. If you know that you must use scholarly journals for your assignment, you should select this box.
An abstract is a short summary, detailing the main idea of a journal article. Searching within the abstracts of articles can assist you in locating information that is pertinent to your topic.


Evaluating Web Sites

Learn how to evaluate websites for credibility through lateral reading+ with Pressbooks.

Creating a Search


AND - Commands a search engine to bring back both terms

OR - Commands a search engine to bring back either of the terms

NOT - Commands  a search engine to ignore all results with a certain word.

Quick tip: in Google, use a minus sign (-) instead of NOT


Quotation marks

Bring back exact search results.  "Ohio State University" means only OSU, no Ohio University too.


What to learn more? Review these sections of Choosing and Using Sources

Main Concepts

Precision Searching

Search Statements

How do I type a search?


Do choose main topic words

Do use precise words

Do use Booleans!

Do use synonyms


Don't use full sentences or sentence fragments

Don't be too vague when you are looking for something specific

Unless part of a proper name, don't include: A, The, An, etc.