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COTC: Part-Time Faculty Resources: Library Instruction

This guide will help you locate resources related to the specific needs of adjunct faculty.


To schedule a tour or class, contact Stacey McKenna by email at 


Classes on the Newark Campus can be held in the library classroom (Warner 175), or in your classroom.  

We are happy to travel to any of the extended campuses as well.

Custom Guides

In addition to teaching classes, we can create a custom LibGuide for your students.  

A custom guide can be specifically targeted to an assignment and allow students to access customized resources 24/7.

Ask Us

We are online during library hours.

Why Library Instruction?

Why have library instruction for your class?  It's a great opportunity for your students!

  • Improves the Quality of Student Research and Papers:  When students use better quality resources, the overall quality of their paper improves.  The skills they learn in your class can transfer to their future classes as well.
  • Saves Students Time:  Students will know where to look for resources, and and how to use the journals and books that they locate.  
  • Reduces Students Anxiety: After they have become familiar with the library, students are more likely to return in the future when they have questions.  
  • Improves Critical Evaluation of Information:  Students will improve their critical thinking and evaluation skills, and hone their research skills.
  • Reduces Student Perceived Barriers to Requesting Help:  Once students have used the library and met a librarian, they are far more comfortable returning to library with follow-up questions. 

IL Flashcards

Types of Library Instruction

Any of our classes can be tailored to a specific course or assignment.  We can teach students how to locate books in our library, request books from all over the state, and access peer-reviewed journals articles.  We can also teach more advanced level courses which focus on subject-specific databases, and citation mining.

You may also be interested in having your students go on a tour of the library.  This encourages students to explore the different types of resources available, and view the study rooms and spaces available for them.  

Your presence is not mandatory, but we find that students generally respond better when the instructor is present.  This also gives the instructor an opportunity to ask questions and focus on specific aspects most relevant to the course, as well as a change to see changes in the library first hand.  

Contact Us:

John L. & Christine Warner Library
Central Ohio Technical College
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Newark, OH 43055
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