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Berlin - Hinshaw: St. Thomas Kirche

The St. Thomas Kirche

Useful Websites

Click here for the Evangelishe Kirchengemeinde St. Thomas official website that includes information on the church, contact information, music, and upcoming events. 

If you would like to know more, provides more information about churches in Berlin.

The Church in December 2013


The inspiration of my project is the St. Thomas Kirche, located in the heart of Kreuzberg. This church is incredibly interesting to me, for the fact that so much has happened right beside it, around it, and through it in its time. The church is located next to "The Wagon Castle" (a trailer park) that happens to be one of the last communities of its kind.

When I began this project, I was under the impression that the Wagon Castle was in danger of getting pushed out or removed by rising rents. I was happy to discover upon my last visit to Berlin that the Wagon Castle is now a permanent fixture to the streets of Kreuzberg and even has its own official address. This success of the original inhabitants of this district staying put is encouraging, and speaks to their determination to hold onto their culture, even if they have to fight for it. Kreuzberg is still, however, in the middle of a gentrification war, and as I walked through the streets of Kreuzberg, I found some telling evidence of this.

My hope for this Libguide is that through it, I can bring awareness to the issue of gentrification in Kreuzberg, and also introduce others to just how cutting edge and politically active this little district is -- one example alone is of the Refugee Camp positioned right in the middle of the district.



The Church in July 2012

Chelsea Hinshaw

In front of the Wagon Castle