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Sexuality: The GDR & FRG: Home


Welcome to Sexuality in the GDR, a complete guide to East German sexual norms, practices, economics, and politics during the time period of 1949-1990.

The purpose of this guide is to inform readers about the unique sexual revolution that occurred in East Germany under a political regime that not only utilized sexuality as a way to gain favor, of the East German people and the world, but also used sexuality to purport socialist ideals and political agendas.

Another purpose of this guide is to expose the truth behind the sexual freedoms that existed in East Germany and to explain why these freedoms existed.

Next, this resource guide will strive to compare the sexual practices of the GDR to the sexual practices of the FRG, to enlighten readers to how political and economic systems can vastly impact the social lives of a nation's citizens.

Feel free to explore every page of this Resource Guide and leave comments on the comment page. I look forward to your opinions on the content of this resource guide. Enjoy!

Author: Laurinda Johnson